Visiting Stonehenge with kids

Visiting Stonehenge with kids

In November 2023, we stepped into the enigmatic world of Stonehenge. Here, the whispers of history echoed through ancient stones, casting a captivating spell on both our children and us. For families venturing through this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site, the expedition seamlessly fuses discovery, imagination, and wonderment.

As a parent, planning an excursion to Stonehenge with kids involves weaving together history, mystery, and the innate curiosity that accompanies our children. How do you navigate this extraordinary site while keeping the young ones engaged and enthralled by the ancient tales held within these monumental rocks?

Join us on a journey through time and discovery as we share our adventure exploring Stonehenge with our children.

Facts about Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a mysterious and iconic landmark in England, is a circle of enormous standing stones. This prehistoric monument dates back to around 3000 BC to 2000 BC, making it over 4,000 years old. Its construction involved transporting stones from Welsh quarries hundreds of miles away. The main circle consists of upright stones capped by horizontal lintels, creating a mesmerizing sight against the skyline. Despite extensive research, the exact purpose of Stonehenge remains a subject of debate. Some theories suggest it served as an astronomical observatory or a religious site, while others propose it had burial or healing purposes. This enigmatic site continues to fascinate visitors, offering a glimpse into the ancient world and its mysteries.

Fun things for children at Stonehenge

Visiting Stonehenge with kids can be an adventure filled with excitement and discovery! While exploring these ancient stones, there are plenty of engaging activities tailored for young explorers. Imagine stepping into the shoes of ancient builders by participating in Stonehenge-related crafts, where kids can create their own miniature stone circles or make ancient-inspired artwork. Additionally, interactive exhibitions and audio guides specially designed for children provide fascinating insights into the monument’s history and mysteries. There are often fun trails to follow, uncovering secrets and solving riddles as they roam around this captivating site. Let their imagination soar as they learn about the stones’ fascinating stories through games, puzzles, and hands-on activities. Stonehenge isn’t just a place frozen in time; it’s a playground for young minds to explore the wonders of the past in a playful and interactive way!”

Eating at Stonehenge

When hunger strikes during your Stonehenge visit, there are great options for a satisfying meal or snack! Whether you pack a picnic to enjoy amidst the ancient stones or prefer grabbing a bite at the onsite café, there’s something for every appetite. The café serves up tasty treats, from sandwiches and wraps to delicious pastries and hot drinks, perfect for refueling before or after your exploration. If picnicking is your style, the designated areas provide a scenic backdrop for a relaxed family meal. Plus, enjoying a snack while overlooking these incredible stones makes for an unforgettable dining experience. Remember to bring along some snacks and water to keep the little ones energized throughout your Stonehenge adventure!

Things to do with Children near Stonehenge

Just a stone’s throw away there is the captivating Salisbury Plain, where you can embark on nature walks and spot wildlife, offering a breath of fresh air. If your kids love history, a visit to Old Sarum, an ancient hill fort with fantastic views, might be right up their alley. Not too far off, the fascinating Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in Britain and offers engaging activities for kids, including a family trail and interactive exhibits. For a touch of magic, a trip to Longleat Safari Park, with its exciting animal encounters and enchanting hedge maze, promises an unforgettable day out. These nearby attractions ensure that your family’s adventure around Stonehenge is filled with fun and excitement!

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